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The Magic Tap - E-Mall of All
The Magic Tap - E-Mall of All
The Magic Tap - E-Mall of All
The Magic Tap - E-Mall of All
The Magic Tap - E-Mall of All

The Magic Tap

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Magic Tap the spill proof, automatic drink dispenser. Magic Tap, as seen on TV, fills every glass like magic. Magic Tap fits over contains, jugs and bottles simply insert into the bottle and press the Magic Tap and it does the rest – no drips, no spills. Magic Tap’s powerful motor draws your drink up the super straw and out the spout with spilling a drop.

Pouring milk is quite hard. You have to pick up that heavy jug, pour it into a glass or bowl, screw the cap back on, and haul it all the way over back to the fridge.

There must be an easier way for lazy people like me!

The Magic Tap Drink Dispenser attaches to any standard container top and will automatically dispense milk, juice, liquor, or whatever kind of container you attach it to. If you want a drink of milk, just push your glass into the trigger on the front of the dispenser, and the liquid will automatically be poured right into your glass or bowl.

With the magic tap milk dispenser, you will have no more spilled milk on the floor. Perfect for kids or seniors who can't hold the weight of the large heavy jugs, the magic tap milk dispenser is the perfect solution for pouring heavy, oddly shaped, unwieldy bottles.



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